Sell More On Wix Using Upsell & Cross sell Offers

Increase your Wix Average Order Value by including upsells and cross-sells offers on your store's cart, checkout & thank you page.

Sell More On Wix Using Upsell & Cross sell Offers

Here's What AppSell Can Do For You

App Features

Smart Page Builder

Customize your Thank you page with our easy-to-use page builder editor.

Increase Your Revenue

Make more money by using product upsells after a customer places an order.

Get Returning Customers

Offer coupons and discounts to attract customers to rebuy from your store.


Customize how each widget appears on your thank you page, set positions and create a design that blends with your storefront.

Create FOMO

Create FOMO, scarcity and drive your customers for action by showing limited time offers with a live timer.

24/7 Customer Support

Need help? AppSell customer service is available through email and Skype whenever you need it!

Turn you store into a conversion machine

Increase your average order value by showing product upsells, special offers and discount copouns on your Wix store

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